How To disable applications (Skype) to auto-start on login


One common problem that user face after installing applications like Skype is that they start automatically as soon as you login to your Mac. In most cases user wants to be in control of what application should start when one logs in or when the Mac starts.

I consider it as a bad software promotion practice. One that I highly recommend to keep away from if you are a developer as it is the right of the user to decide how he wants his machine to behave. There should at least be a prompt during installation that suggests that the software will get activated on login and a small process step that shows how to disable in case the user does not want it to be activated on login.

Anyways, thats not the point of this article. This is a “how to” to help you manage the auto start up issue with Skype on your Mac. This process is similar for most applications that start up automatic on login.

Mentioned below are two methods by which you can disable Skype from auto starting-


  1. Start the application. (In this case Skype)
  2. Hold ‘cmd’ and click on the application(Skype) icon in your Dock. You can use right click if you have activated it on your mouse
  3. Click on Open at Login to uncheck the tick
  4. That’s it. The application(Skype) will not start up on login any more.


  1. Go to system preference
  2. Select the Accounts optionSelect your login id from the list of logins that appear in the left hand side pane
  3. Click on the ‘Login Items’ tab
  4. You’ll see a list of Applications here that start up when you login. To disable applications from auto starting on login you need to select the application and then click ‘ – ‘In this case select Skype and then click ‘ – ‘
  5. The selected application (Skype) is not disabled to auto start at Login

Mac Essentials: Skype


Skype offers free VoIP calls between Skype users. All you need to do is to download Skype to your Mac or iDevice, and a registration for a Skype account on their website.

The best thing about Skype is that it is available on all desktop platforms and almost all mobile platforms. Therefore there is a great possibility that your family and friends are likely to have a Skype account already that you would be able to call for free.

While you can make both audio and video calls from Skype the quality of both the calls is at par with the best in the industry. In terms of voice quality and video image it beats most of the competitor hands down. With its multi-user conference facility, it is also possible to conference audio and video with multiple people at the same time.

The interface is very clean, simple and intuitive to use. It doesn’t matter what IM/VOIP you’ve been using for a while but it does not take time to get used to the user interface of Skype. The IM(chat) client is simple and allows you to set user status that is visible for others. It also allows file and desktop sharing.

Skype to Skype calls are free, but the company also offers a variety of paid add-ons like real phone number and cheap calls to landlines and mobiles. Through the paid telephony service you can make free calls to phones of a particular country or call any phone across the globe at pre-defined rates. It is also possible to own a number in particular country through Skype so that people from that country can make a call to you at local rates.

Skype syncs with your address book on you Mac. This makes it easy for you to call people in your address book directly through Skype. You can either choose to call them on their Skype-id or on their landlines/mobile phones.


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