Smart Online Shopping

How to be smart while online shopping and how to make the best use of various tools available to ensure you always get the best deals. We’ve outlined few tools that should help you to be a savvy shopper

CamelCamelCamel (The Camelizer)

This is an extension that can be installed for your browser. Click on the icon for The Camelizer when you’re are on the product page. Once pressed, the tool should give you privce history of a product on Amazon and third party sellers. A great tool to check if the current price is actually the lowest price. You can also use their website instead


Pricespy a price comparison site and is simple to use. It provides comprehensive list of prices from various retailers. You just have to type in the product name and allow the site to do it’s magic


The site says 20% off everything. You can buy everything with points on the site. Good thing is that you can buy points with you card to buy stuff and ensure 20% off everytime


Quidco can be used through its site or mobile apps for iOS and Android. Quidco makes money by sending customer to online store and in return it pays the customer part of the commission it gets from the store.


Honey has browser extensions for chrome and Firefox. The extension comes in to action as soon as it notices a product page that it has discount codes available for. It works 9 times of out 10 and is a great way to save some money through discount codes. They also have a website called joinhoney which is similar to the Camelizer in terms of providing price history