Black Friday Deals

When is Black Friday?

This year the shopping extravaganza falls On the weekend starting 29th November with a new day (cyber Monday) added on 2nd December to keep the deals going for four days

When do deals start?

Based on how retailers are operating this year the deals have already started from the beginning of November and shall continue until  first week of December. 

Amazon Black Friday has been confirmed starting 22nd November. You can make use of 30 day free trial prime membership if you haven’t signed up for one already

While the likes of Tesco mobile, Amazon, John Lewis, Curry’s have already started offers since the beginning of the month, the biggest discounts should start to show closer to 29th November. 

Some of the biggest discounts can be found in stores below





John Lewis

Carphone warehouse

Tesco mobile


We keep track of all deals that are released. You can visit our page to find latest bargains as they’re released.


4K televisions are very popular these days. Although 8k televisions have already been released and available they’re quiet expensive and there isn’t enough content for 8k to justify the purchase. 4K content is widely available with most streaming services and live broadcast now switching over to 4K. There is still some way to go before all content is 4K so a television with 4K capability should last you at least for the next 5 years before 8k starts to make in roads. We’ve short listed the best 4K deals on the best televisions currently available in the market. There’re cheaper alternatives available but won’t be much of an upgrade over the HD television you already own. 

Key selling point for 4K has been OLED and we agree it has the best blacks of any television. They’re ideal for watching in low lights. LED technology has had a major improvement as well and we would recommend LED for anyone not wanting to spend as much on an OLED. Also, LED are ideal for bright rooms and for rooms and for watching in daylight.

Best 4K on Amazon

Philips 55inch 4K OLED 15% off @ £1099.00

LG 70inch 4K LED TV 31% off @ £764.10 Save £355.89

HiSense 50inch $H UHD HDR Smart TV 33% off @ £299.00 Save £150.00

Headphones and Speakers

If you’re looking for headphones this year then wireless is the way to go. There’s a debate about sound quality among audiophiles however what you miss out is minuscule compared to the advantages you get from wireless headphones.

Apple has upped its game with the AirPod pro this year as the competition in that segment is very close.

You need to consider the battery life, charge times, form factor and ease of connection to various devices.

Laptops and Tablets

These are mostly essentials now and not a latest must have. Most standard laptops offer decent performance for most task you expect to carry out on a Laptop. You may want to budget differently if you’re looking for a specific application to run that requires lots of resources.

Mobile phone and plans

Foldable seem to be latest trend this year with offerings from Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. Although with the latest offering Motorola seems to have got the design and pricing right.


Home Gadgets

Gaming and Console

Kids toys and gifts

Stocking fillers

MacBundle: MacLegion “Holiday Bundle”

The latest version of the Maclegion bundle provides Fantastical, Djay and iRipit as part of the bundle. Below is the description from the Maclegion site.

Holiday Bundle 2012

The 2012 Holiday Bundle has arrived! We’re offering you 11 best selling Mac apps valued at over $540.00 for a one-time-only exclusive price of $49.99! That’s over 90% off!

As always, MacLegion ensures all the apps included are the latest versions each developer has to offer. MacLegion bundles entitle you to full after-sales support as well as valid upgrade paths for later software releases, just as if you had bought each application from the developers themselves.”

The bundle ends on 07-Dec-2012. So you have little time in hand to grad the deal.

To download bundle click MACLEGION BUNDLE



MacBundle: Bundlehunt – Holiday Bundle


There is another incredible bundle on offer at the moment from Bundlehunt.

I’ve mentioned below the press release from Bundlehunt

Meet our Mega Holiday collection of Mac Apps and Design resources – the latest bundle from BundleHunt. Featuring 12 of the best-selling Mac apps and design goodies available today. Retail value: $1,150. You pay just: $49.99. (ALL the items in the bundle are all the latest-release and FULL version ).

If you’ve ever wondered why BundleHunt only offers 1 pack every few months, this bundle says it all: creating something this amazing takes time. The Ultimate Collection, our latest bundle, includes the variety of top-quality apps creative types want – from software that simplifies interactive animations to a five-star rated proactive budgeting app.

The offer expires on 20-Dec-2012

Click on the link below to get the bundle

Bundlehunt link