How to move from Tab to Tab in Safari using keyboard

Apple Safari

I’ve always preferred keyboard control over my application more than mouse. May be, just becuase I am too lazy to move my hand away from keyboard to hold the mouse or may be becuase just using keyboard is fairly quicker. I had posted an article on Quicksilver under Mac Essentials that help you open any file or start any application using keyboard. If you liked that tool you’ll surely like this.

To move between tabs you can use the following options.
1) “cmd + shift + arrow key” (Safari)
2) “ctrl + tab” to go to right side tab and “ctrl + shift + tab” to go to left side tab (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
3) “cmd + 1-9” (Firefox)
4) “cmd + }” for right and “cmd + {” for left – (Safari)

Mac Essentials: FireFox

Mozilla Firefox

Generally known as the geek’s web browser, FireFox is a powerful web browser that supports tons of pug-ins and add-ons. It is similar to the Apple app store, if you are looking for an extention to do something specific, it is more than likely to have multiple add-on options for it. There are 9 main categories that these add-ons are categorised in to so that they are easier to find.

Among the few options that FireFox was the first to offer were the ability to reopen tabs that have been closed by mistake, Private browsing, personnas, tab grouping etc. Personnas give you the flexibility to use your browser and customise it as per your liking.

Both Safari and Chrome are built on web-kit, they are almost identical in terms of what they can do. FireFox is based on its own Mozilla kit and thus provides a complete different experience of browing the web.

FireFox is not only all about add-ons since the personnas and themes available with FireFox allow you to customise your browser and thus your experience.

FireFox is a great browser that can be used as a primary browser on your Mac or as a secondary browser for those weird sites that do not open properly on Safari. FireFox is probably the most comprehensive browser for your Mac as it also supports the sites that are typically designed for or favour Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. FireFox is also compatible with HTML5 and allows you to view HD in full screen.

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