How wonderful it is to get paid for something you love to do? If Gadgets are your passion and writing about gadgets and technology is something that excites you…

Blogger / Editorial Blogger

Here’s what you need to send to apply:


# Three sample posts written in your voice – let your personality come through. We aren’t looking for a generic-sounding blog voice — think about how your own writing style and voice can shine through, while still getting your point across to a large audience.
# These sample posts can be about whatever you want, but they should be on topic. If you want to write about gadgets, they should be about gadgets. If you want to write about social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it should be about those types of sites. You get the idea.
# Your favorite gadgets (and why).
# Finally, please read at least a few articles on GadgetMinistry to get a sense of what we cover and how we cover those topics. Then include three original sample posts that you think would make good GadgetMinistry material. Please make sure the samples are on topics that haven’t already been covered by on our site.

About you

# A few words about yourself. (Please note, due to legalities we can’t hire minors.)
# Your first and last name
# Where you live
# What mobile devices you use
# Your contact info.
# How much time per week you can commit to blogging?.
# A few sentences explaining why you’re the right fit for the job
# If you have any past writing experience, please mention it

What not to do

# Don’t just send us stuff you wrote elsewhere, we’re not asking for clips.
# Don’t send us stuff that you’ve picked from other sites. Trust us, we’ll know.
# Don’t send attachments or resumes.
# Note that we will only review fully complete applications, and remember to put the name of the position you’re applying for in the title of your email.

Please apply only if you can handle writing 20-30 articles per month (300-400 words on average). Pay ranges per article, depending on experience and quality.

How to apply

# To apply, please send an email at Use the subject line “Tech Blogger” when applying.