Oh sure, you love gadgets, you love technology — but there are a million other who do aswell, do you have in you to write about them? We’d love to know if you think you do, because we’re looking to actually pay people to do this stuff. Professional writing experience isn’t necessary (though it doesn’t hurt), but what we really care about is that you can write skillfully about gadgets and/or technology and the web with wit, concision, and authority.

We love the fanatic in you. Doesn’t matter if you are a Windows fanatic or a Mac fanactic or someone who believes in open source. If you are someone who vows by the mobile platform or the social networks or someone who believes in old school technology. Let us know about it. Show us that you can write about it.

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Are you someone who is thirilled by technical challenges and think that you were born to resolve such issues and someone who thinks that computer language should be given an official status for human interactions? If you are someone who thinks no challenge is big enough when it comes to solving a code, then we are looking for you.

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