MacBundle: MacUpdate


MacUpdate has a habit of coming out with very useful Macbundles. It is important to remember that before the Mac App store was announced, this was the only site that would give you such detailed information about Apps available for the Mac platform. Macbundles has been one of the specialities of MacUpdate.

The bundles has three apps (Toast 11 Titanium, FX Photo Studio Pro and Bookends) that would cost you $99 each if you were to buy them individually from the web or from a store. These are incredible Mac apps that are highly recommended by experts.

Offer expires on 22-Sep-2011

New Macbundle from MacUpdate can be found at link below

MacUpdate – MUPROMO

MacBundle: Bundle hunt

Bundle Hunt
MacBundle: Bundle Hunt

Macbundle seem to be the topic of the day. There is another incredible bundle on offer at the moment. This Macbundle is specially targetted for developers and designers who care about the look of what they publish

LaunchBar, Divvy and Hype are the three that are a must have and those combined would add up to double the cost of this bundle. Dont get me wrong! The rest are very good as well. But, for my needs I think, I am happy for the three being part of this MacBundle.

The offer expires on 22-Sep-2011

Click on the link below to get the bundle



MacBundle: MacLegion

MacLegion Bundle

You would find good Macbundles being offered every couple of months. How this works is that the people offering a bundle would put together a bunch of Mac applications to create an attractive Macbundle, usually very hard to resist. The bundle in offer would have an overall discount of anywhere between 80 and 95%.

While buying a bundle, you should consider the whole set. In most cases the price of Macbundle would be less than 4-5 of the applications in the bundle costing independently. So it always is a good bargain. The way I look at it is by considering whether I need 2-3 of the apps in the bundle. If yes, I would go ahead an buy it as the rest of them can be considered as a free gift.

Here’s a good bundle you may want to check out. Click on the image above or link below to go there

Maclegion Bundle

Offer expires on 30-Sep-2011