Mac Essentials: Chipmunk


Every one of us has come across this situation where you are frantically trying to find something on your machine but you literally cannot. This may occur not due to a file not found but multiple versions of the file being found. You would take the pain of arranging the files on your machine every once in a while and ensure that files are arranged in the best possible hierarchy and under the right folders so that they are easier to find in the future. But, in spite of all the efforts you still find multiple version of the file when you are actually looking for one.

Chipmunk is a small and effective tool to help you in such situations. Chipmunk will take the pains of comparing files and identifying any/all files that are identical. It does a byte by byte comparison to determine if any two files are true duplicates of each other. Chipmunk not only looks for duplicate file name but also looks for files and folders with similar contents on all mounted volumes on your machine. You can configure Chipmunk to auto delete duplicates that exist outside a particular folder or vice versa. Chipmunk also allows you to view each file in finder and do a quick look of the file.

To download Chipmunk : click here … Mac App Store, Developer’s Site


Chipmunk Screenshot