White MacBooks disappear from Apple website

Plastic MacBook

White MacBook

Apple today made announcements about the launch new version of Macs with Thunderbolt support and new operating system Mac OS X Lion. But, they also quietly discontinued the plastic body MacBook popular as the white MacBook.

White MacBook when first launched in 2006 were a very popular range and brought in truck loads of new Mac users to Apple. The design was deemed revolutionary and was an instant hit in the creative world and students alike. It was launched with a black sibling which was discontinued when the unibody MacBook Pro model were first launched. But the white MacBook stayed around. They stayed for around 5 years and considering the fast pace of change in the world of IT, it is definitely a feat in itself.

After the introduction of unibody MacBook Pro the white MacBooks were mostly popular among students and people on a tight budget who wanted to buy a Mac notebook. It served well as an entry level MacBook.

Apple now seems to want to move to MacBook Air as their entry level MacBooks. MacBook Airs are aggressively priced at $50 cheaper than MacBook and are beefed with better feature. According to me, they make a perfect replacement for their outstanding predecessor and will certainly make them proud.

For those buyers who are still interested in white MacBook can head to the refurbished section of the Apple website and buy them as refurbished.


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