Glass-Free 3D on iPad 2

When it comes to 3D, I’ve always been someone who is not very keen about the technology and am convinced that it does not make sense as a technolgy if you require those hideous glasses to have a full effect of 3D. In fact any form of accessory required to make a piece of technology work is a major bottleneck for the success of that technology. One of the reasons tablets or touch devices not being successfull until the launch of iPhones is precisely the major reason. You would argue that you also need controllers to play games and still games have been so amazingly successful! To defend the arguement I would say that games is something you choose to get involved in, it is something you use as an escape mechanism or something that you want to indulge in. When it comes to something that is of high degree of indulgence then almost nothing comes in the way.

Does 3D fall in that category? I believe, No! So if there is something that is more of a technolgy gimmick, something that is good to experience once in a while and something that the tech industry thinks they can make huge revenues from by pushing the idea to general consumer then it needs to evolve to a level where consumers dont mind using if it was easily available and for which they didnt have to go that extra mile.

For me, 3D should be something that is just available, something that is easily accessible and something that does not require any accessory or tools to make it work. Maybe, it is time when the television makers start thinking about 3D from a whole new perspective. It maybe a case where the shape of tele changes completely. Where a flat box or panel TV with a screen is no more required and may be you could use something that is drastically different from the current structure.

A group of researchers called the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction demonstrate head-tracking 3D effects on the iPad 2. The program in this case is designed to track your head position through the front camera and adjust the view angle accordingly. Head ahead to the video of the technology in action below.

3D on iPad 2 – Video

3D on iPhone – Video

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