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Are you one of those users who have a lot of application windows open on your screen at the same time? Have you faced a situation where you are trying to focus very hard on the task in hand and the application that you are currently looking at and then go to another window just for a moment to fetch some important data and never come back or come back only after a long time? Well, I end up doing that all the time as I find it very hard to concentrate on one application at a time. This is more frequent when I am sitting on my 27” screen since there is a lot of screen space to accommodate multiple application windows at the same time.

Think is a perfect application for such a situation. When you actually want to focus on one task/application at a time and do not want to be bothered with other applications that are open, you can launch this application so that everything other than the application you are working on is hidden behind a black screen.

It is a simple, tiny and effective tool that will help you concentrate on a task and stop you from wandering away.

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