Mac Essentials: Growl

Growl for Mac

If you are someone who has just switched from Windows to Mac, this will come as a pleasant surprise to you. Growl is a universal cross application alert system for Mac, something that does not exist on the Windows platform.

You get so used to the alerts from Growl that it becomes an integral part of your daily workflow. It feels like a native application for the Mac which you become highly dependant on. As mentioned earlier, Growl is an alert tool that can be used with a large number of applications to keep you informed that an action has taken place. It will show a pop-up on the top right(default – can be changed) telling you about the action that has taken place.

Growl alerts are highly customisable and allows you to choose from different styles, locations(corners), duration of display etc. You can choose not only whether to receive a notification from a particular application but also which notification to receive based on the type of activity a program is reporting. As soon as you install and launch a program that supports Growl, it appears in the list of programs on Growl’s automatically, ready for further configuration.

Growl PreferencesGrowl Notification ScreenshotGrowl Notification ScreenshotGrowl Notification Screenshot

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