How to burn ISO image on Mac

Disk Utility

Disk Utility

Creating an ISO is a very common task that you carry out with help of your DVD drive on your machine. But, if you have newly moved from PC or Linux to Mac, you’ll find the the option is not available in iDVD and will struggle to find how to do it on Mac. This is because it is very natural for a Linux/PC user who has used a CD burn tool(application) with a simple and easy to use option of burn an iso to find it a bit confusing.

In case of Mac how it works is that instead of starting a program to create an iso and then following steps to choose file/s you actually select the file first and then tell disk utility to burn your selected file/s.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

1) Insert a blank CD/DVD

2) It should give you application options to open the DVD with. Choose disk utility from the list. If not, open disk utility application

3) In disk utility – go to file menu and select Open Disk Image

4) Select the ISO file that you want to burn and click open

5) ISO will appear as a new volume under disk utility

6) Select the ISO

7) Click burn button and follow instructions

It sure is simple but the only difference is that it is just a bit different and give you more control of the process.

Burn iso on Mac

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