Mac Essentials: Quicksilver



Quicksilver is one of the first tools I install as soon as I get my hands on a new Mac. It is one application that feels completely native to the OS and one that you’ll not be able to live without on your Mac.

Quicksilver is the quickest way to get to application, contact, music or any other file that sits on your machine. It lets you reach any application or file by a press of few key strokes.

Quicksilver is activated as soon as you turn your machine on and sits in the background unless it is called for. You need to define a shortcut key to launch it on the screen or just use the default shortcut that comes with the software. Once launched, you can type in the first few letters of the application or file name and quicksilver will give you a list of items that start with those letters. You can then select the application or the file that you are looking for and launch it by hitting return.

Quicksilver is designed to intelligently remember your choices against each option that you select for a given input. So for example, if you type “pa” it’ll give you a list of files that start with pa including the application “pages”. Now every -time you select pages when you give pa as an input it remembers your selection and the next time you give a similar input it’ll show you pages at the top of the list.

You also get a variety of Quicksilver plug-ins for various applications. The plug-ins include everything from using a contact to dial a number to interacting with images, text, spreadsheets.

Apart from just launching an application or a file, Quicksilver also give you a selection of actions that you may want to take with the item in list. You can extend and customise Quicksilver to do exactly what you want it to do.

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