PC to Mac: Basics

In the initial days when I moved to Mac, I had to go through a few videos on You Tube and a few How Tos on the internet to make sure that my understanding of the platform was right and whether I was doing everything in the right way. Since the platforms are completely different from each other including the look & feel and how they operate, it takes a bit of learning curve to get used to a Mac if you have just moved from PC. Especially if you’ve been using a PC for a very long time and were of the opinion that no other platform exists.

In any case, the learning is easy and smooth. It is only on day-1 that the screen of your new Mac machine looks completely different and that you need to adjust yourself mentally for the change. Trust me, the change required is more from a personal(mental) side of things than any thing else. Mac offers an interface that is highly intuitive and easy to use. It is very sleek and polished. It looks like a finished product that has evolved well over the period unlike a few other OS that looked half baked and a cheap copy of the Mac platform.

However, once you spend a day along with your new Mac you’ll notice that you are now completely at ease with each other and now are looking forward to spend more time together! I’ve listed a few tools and applications that you may want to consider once you start using Mac. They are all listed under the Mac essentials category. You can select Mac Essentials in the category list to view them. These are small and handy tools to better manage the Mac and your experience with the Mac.

Apple has provided on their site a wide range of videos that will help you to ease your journey of moving to Mac. The videos are well captured and well explained. This one is a must see for the first time user who is moving from PC to Mac.

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